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In Impact, Irwin identifies the principles and beliefs that lead to great leadership — ways in which you can grow and thrive and be trusted by others. Learn how to be the kind of leader that motivates others in meaningful work and great accomplishments and what you can do to stay on track so you avoid a path of personal destruction so many leaders go down today. Most of us want to make a positive difference through our work and to have our lives count for something more than simply making a living. We want to make an impact. Let Impact: Great Leadership
Changes Everything
show you how.

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Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership
Derailed chronicles the collapse of six high-profile CEOs, the factors that drove their downfalls, and the lessons that we can learn to avoid derailing our own lives and careers.

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ImpactRun with the Bulls

Thundering hoof beats are headed your way—the events, the circumstances, and the obstacles that are a part of every workplace. Bulls rage around us constantly: inept leaders, unrealistic pressure from senior management, downsizings, misguided compensation systems, outdated IT, and organizational structures that make our jobs difficult or even obsolete—they’re all part of normal organizational life.

But don’t take it personally. “To view these organizational realities as unfair or out to get us is impracticable and maybe even naïve,” says author Tim Irwin. These organizational bulls are indifferent to us—not caring whether or not we reach our goals but only whether or not they reach theirs.

Your organization’s goals are extraordinarily simple and straightforward—survival and success. To not meaningfully contribute to theses goals or even to be irrelevant to the accomplishment of them automatically puts you in harm’s way. If you work, you’re running with the bulls, whether you want to or not.

The run requires great wisdom, perspective and forethought—we must develop a strategic mind-set. Dr. Tim Irwin shows you how in Run With the Bulls Without Getting Trampled.

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Run with the Bulls Free Resources

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