Dr. Tim Irwin




Drawing from more than twenty five years as a corporate psychologist who has consulted with, interviewed and studied thousands of high performing individuals, executives and teams, Tim Irwin, Ph.D., shares practical insights and strategies to help you and your team avoid Derailment and stay on track.


Tim speaks frequently on leadership development, employee engagement, organizational effectiveness and executive selection. From one-on-one sessions with CEOs and key business leaders to executive roundtables, management sessions and large conference events, Dr. Irwin’s combination of practical insight and masterful story-telling enable him to connect with an audience and impart knowledge that leads to results.



Keynote Topics

      1.  Enduring Leadership Starts With A Strong Core
      2.  Making Your Corporate Values Come To Life
      3.  Cultivating and Sustaining Extraordinary Organizational Performance
      4.  Ethically Challenged Leadership — Diving In and Fixing It
      5.  The Hope of Every Great Leader
      6.  Lies Leaders Love


  • Dr. Irwin brings a wealth of experience of consulting in the corridors of power with some of the world's most recognized business leaders.
  • Dr. Irwin's appearance is supported by much credibility including best-selling author and leadership psychologist.
  • Dr. Irwin's accepting of limited engagements allows his presentations to be polished and well prepared.
  • Dr. Irwin does his homework and tailors his presentations to meet the needs of the organization and audience.
  • Dr. Irwin's charisma and humor frequently get great audience reviews.
  • He is a master storyteller and has an extraordinary ability to bring real-life leadership examples to life in new, unique ways.
  • He is relevant, and very practical, and always leaves the audience with actionable next steps.
  • He is a dynamic communicator and has an uncanny ability to connect with audiences at the highest of levels.


“In Impact, author Tim Irwin digs deeply into the inner core of leaders to discover what enables them to succeed and why many derail. His revealing insights and constructive exercises provide you with many opportunities to overcome inner barriers and sustain your leadership. If you heed Tim’s counsel, you will become a better leader.”

Bill George
Professor, Harvard Business School and author of True North

“Dr. Tim Irwin spoke to our global leadership team, and the thunderous applause at the end of his talk said it all. They loved his message on the core of the leader. Tim's keynote was highly relevant to the values our company expects from its leaders around the world. His message is a must hear for any organization serious about developing leaders.”

Tom Manenti
Chairman and CEO - MiTek Industries, Inc., A Berkshire Hathaway Company

“Dr. Tim Irwin spoke at KeHE's Holiday & Product Innovation Show, an invite-only, annual event at McCormick Place in Chicago in June. His subject matter, about great leadership, was relevant and well-liked by our diverse group of vendor manufacturers, employees and retail customers. The buzz about Tim's talk was fantastic.”

Ari Goldsmith
Senior Director of Marketing, KeHE Distributors

“Tim Irwin was a fantastic keynote speaker at our annual leadership conference. There was such a demand for more of him that we scheduled him six weeks later for a teleconference with our field leaders. Tim knows what makes leaders great!”

Greg Brown
CEO, Learfield Sports

“Dr. Tim Irwin has spoken several times to all our employees and also at our annual meeting. He is a dynamic speaker who masterfully engages his audience. His observations about what makes great leaders are both insightful and very practical for all those with any leadership aspirations. We always get a huge boost when he speaks.”

David Ripsom
President/CEO, Nuclear Electric Insurance, Ltd.

“Tim Irwin is an outstanding thought leader and communicator, particularly on the subject of what sustains leadership greatness. His insight into the inner workings of great leaders is profound, and his keynote speeches are practical and entertaining. I would recommend him for any company who is serious about meaningful development for its leaders.”

Eric Pillmore
Senior Advisor, Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance